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Welcome From Coach Dr. Susie

Thanks for visiting!

I am thrilled you have decided to visit my website to learn more about how coaching can help you and your loved ones!

Many people have a lot of questions about what "life coaching" is and how it can help change your life. As we know... scores of people enlist the service of a coach to guide them to their extraordinary potentials.   For instance, athletes have coaches to make the individual and/or the team perform their best. Some coaches specialize in certain areas of a sport to work on specific skills to help the player excel in their position according to their unique athletic ability.

As your personal coach, I am focused on your distinct capabilities to help you not merely survive in life but to SOAR! We all have areas of our lives that could be improved upon - just like a golf player who has a coach that continues to guide their focus on improving their swing or their putting techniques.

Isn’t it time for you to gain some momentum by learning to strengthen areas of your life to become to cream of the crop? How about learning to communicate to your partner more effectively in your relationships; feel better in your own body; learn to manage your time more effectively in order to enjoy the precious moments in life that seem to pass you by so quickly without the added stress?  

I bring over 20 years of clinical experience as a foundation to my coaching practice. But, I am not here to diagnose you with a mental illness. To the contrary.  I am here to guide you in uncovering your extraordinary potentials and clear your path toward reaching your ultimate aspirations!

Just as athletic coaches specialize in specific skills, below are the life skills I specialize in for you:

My dog Suki and I look forward to EMPOWERING you to TRANSFORM your life by coaching you to SOAR to your greatest potentials!