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About Coaching

Coaching is a process that will help you transform your Life by teaching you new strategies & skills and overcome issues unique to your personality and ways of relating to the world while improving your overall life satisfaction.

With our coaching, you will work collaboratively with a highly experienced, well educated and well trained coach expert to get a balanced perspective about your life’s goals and aspirations.

Coaching is different from therapy in that it does not focus on clinical issues, or spend time delving into the past of each individual.  Rather, coaching focuses on building on your unique strengths and helping you overcome current problem areas by helping you conquer the unique barriers that prevent your success.  We are solution-focused and help you to achieve your goals proactively.

We can help you achieve increased balance, harmony, connection, and overall life gratification through a collaborative, proactive and customized approach to overall wellness.

Tomorrow holds the possibility for change: For an enhanced life, inner peace, and a better life contact Coach Dr. Susie personally at 954.294.7036 or email her at to schedule your appointment today.