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Are you in a healthy relationship?

"Angry demands come from the hypocritical partner because they are exhausted from doing the wrong work to keep the relationship alive."
- unknown

  1. My partner and I no longer feel like friends.
  2. I often think about how nice it would be to have an affair.
  3. I am unwilling to accept my partner as (s)he is. If this relationship continues, (s)he will have to make some major changes that (s)he is unwilling to make.
  4. My partner and I have very little in common anymore.
  5. My partner and I fight a lot, and I fear that underneath the fighting not much is left.
  6. My partner and I are just no longer on the same team.
  7. The more time goes by, the more resentful I feel toward my partner.
  8. I'm losing respect for my partner.
  9. There is very little trust left in our relationship.
  10. My partner has told me (other than when we were in the middle of a fight) that (s)he would be happier if we split up.
  11. I would leave this relationship in a heartbeat if I felt confident that I could make it on my own.
  12. My partner has an emotional hold on me.
  13. If I could afford it financially I would leave.
  14. I constantly fear for my partner's abusive behavior. If it happens again, I'm leaving.
  15. I should want my relationship to continue or I want to want my relationship to continue, but I can't say that I do want it to continue.
  16. My partner told me that (s)he doesn't love me anymore.
  17. If I knew I could find another mate, I would leave immediately.
  18. I feel most relaxed when my partner and I are separated.
  19. I feel closer to my partner when we are not together.
  20. My partner has done something for which I cannot forgive him/her--that was the straw that broke the camel's back.
  21. We just have so many differences that it is overwhelming to think we can even begin to address them.
  22. I am so overwhelmed by my partner and his/her constant demands for love and approval, perfectionism, and/or rigid rules of just how the relationship should be and how each of us should behave within it, that sometimes I just want to give up.
  23. This relationship has become a constant burden.
  24. I am having an affair with someone I value much more than my partner. I am unwilling to give up on this other person under any circumstance.
  25. At this point there is just too much water under the bridge.
  26. I would leave this relationship if I was certain I could make it through the painful transition period of the grieving process.


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